Feb 28, 2018
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In view of Sridevi’s demise, Shabana Azmi has hosted the cancellation of Holi Party

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Sridevi’s daughter Jahnavi Kapoor celebrated her 21st birthday in a slightly different style. Whose photos and videos are becoming viral on social media. In this, Jahnavi is seen in a very simple look, and seeing the surrounding environment, it clearly shows that he is in an old age home.
Sridevi started the tradition …
Yes, Sridevi started the tradition of celebrating Birthday in the Old Age Home. Jahnavi continued after his departure. However, these cakes he cut with very simplicity. The grief of losing his mother on his face was clearly visible. Some pictures are also shared on social media by cutting jahnavi’s cake. In which he is sitting eyes closed. Three cakes are kept in front of them.

The Bollywood industry is in shock with the death of Actress Sridevi. Everyone is expressing their feelings for her. Meanwhile Actress Shabana Azmi has made a big announcement.
In fact, after the demise of Sridevi,  Azmi has said that the party does not want to celebrate Holi this year. she tweeted, “We have canceled the Holi party in Janaki Kurir. The party was scheduled to be on March 2, which has been canceled in view of the death of Sridevi.

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