Mar 31, 2019
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  The relation between Shahrukh Khan and Film Director Yashchopra

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  The Relation between Shahrukh Khan and Film Director Yashchopra


Yashchopra Played a vital role in Shahrukhkhan’s  entire carieer,  without Yashchopra ShahrukhKhan’s entire carieer would be Blank,  Today what he achived , it is only for Yashchopra. who define a golden carieer in his Life.

In an Interview when shahrukh spoke about Yashchopra, He said

“I did not want to be a lover boy as I am not  really good with romance. I felt I was not good looking enough. I didn’t think  that I am good enough to play a lover boy. But Yashji adviced me if I don’t play a lover boy on-screen nothing will happen in my career, my career will not move ahead,” 

Yashchopra defined a negative charector for Shahrukh when he started to bond with him.  The Name of the film is Darr which was released in 1993, where the actor played an jealous lover who goes berserk when his college lover got engaged to another man. The movie followed the Abbas-Mustan thriller Baazigar( 1993) where Shahrukh played a significant negative role, this film was superb hitz by audiance.

Two years after Darr ( during this period which he played featured in films like Anjaam and Koyla ,Karan Arjun), SRK got his massive success  in romantic cinema through YRF’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Shah Rukh even acknowledge that , “Yash Chopra has single-handedly created my career.”  without his support  my entire carieer may be Lost


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