Mar 30, 2019
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THE UGLY END in Between Salman and Aish relationship

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How Aishwarya and Salman Relationship till the End?

Salman reached Aishwarya’s apartment and kept knocking on the door, asking her to let into the Room . Some people says that he even threatened ro Aishwarya to commit suicide if she didn’t open the Door. The drama continued till  the morning, and finally she open the door and let him in. Apparently, his hands were bloody. According some sources, the reason behind  was that he wanted to marry with Aishwarya.

However, she was not too hurry to marry with Salman, because Aish was busy with her carieer on that time. but Salman wanted to marry Aish on that mean time.

Salman later confessed that in a interview that she wasn’t returning  to his love, and that is why he was forced to turn to be exited.

He Later explained

“If you won’t fight, that means there is no love between you, I will not fight with an outsider; when we fight, it is all because of our love,” he maintained stoically. Ash, clearly didn’t think so.

The turning point that marked the end of the relationship between Salman and Aish  because Salman went to USA to help his ex-girlfriend,  without giving information to Ash, who was obviously furious about it. It was only downhill after this.

THE UGLY END in Between Salman and Aish relationship

Aishwarya later confirmed that her break-up with SalmanKhan in 2002, and  after break up Salman was creating chaos in Aishwarya’s professional life as well. He reportedly shown his violance on the sets of Shah Rukh’s film chalte chalte where  she was choosen  in this film opposite of Shahrukh and tried to manipulate her carieer. Aishwarya later said that he suspected her of having an relation with Shahrukh. He even got  fight with SRK, and many said that he held his  collar. Salman denied this. However, Ash lost this role, and the role went to Rani Mukerji.


Aish said in an interview that Salman chapter was worst in her life and her carieer,but Salman completely denying this aligation and said that he was not involved in her carieer, and he was not responsible to bring down her carieer.

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